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Thread: iPhone 2G, A-GPS not working

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    Default iPhone 2G, A-GPS not working
    I just got a used iPhone 2G 8GB last week, near perfect condition,
    only 2 or 3 small almost un-noticeable scratches on the back,
    but the phone looks brand new, and works perfect except 2 things

    (1) Low speaker phone volume
    (2) A-GPS / Assisted GPS / Triangulation does not work
    (3) Anti-Glare coating on camera lens, FIXED - rubbed it off with
    microfiber cloth and lots of effort - also a tad of alcohol

    When I got the used phone, I started playing with it
    even before I unlocked / Jail broke it, and I am not
    100% but I don't believe A-GPS was working then.

    I used "redsn0w v0.9.4" to unlock / Jailbreak the phone
    and then used the sim-card from my other phone, that phone
    has no data services of any kind on it, it's voice only

    Things I have tried to fix the "Your location could not be determined" A-GPS problem

    (1) Turning "WiFi" off and On
    (2) Turning "Location Services" off and On
    (3) Doing a "Reset All Settings"
    (4) Setting "Auto-Lock" to "Never"
    (5) Doing a "Reset Network Settings"
    (6) I used a push fix "Push Doctor" - nothing seamed to change,
    YouTube works, but it did before, and the Push Test app says everything works
    (7) Uninstall SBSettings, Reinstall, various things
    (8) Various reset methods

    About the only thing I have not tried is re-installing
    "Push Doctor" or letting iTunes restore my phone

    iPhone 2G 8GB, Model No: A1203
    Serial Number: 5K842******
    Using sim-card from an AT&T phone, that only has Voice service
    Unlocked and Jail-Broken using redsn0w v0.9.4
    Only using internet on WiFi, because of no data contract

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    I tried reinstalling "Push Doctor", no help, I put the phone
    into "Field Test" with the
    number, and the iPhone is showing "Location Area Identity" and
    "Cell Identity" so I am guessing the iPhone is just not
    passing that info to any of the applications

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    GPS started working after I installed the
    "The Weather Channel Max for iPhone" not
    sure why, but it did ask to "use my current
    location" and then asked about "push notifications"

    I am still using the iPhone voice only, and they
    have not switched plans on me, so it must have been
    a software issue

    And now its dead again, LOL, when it was working
    it was off by about 5 to 10 miles, and looked to
    be about the actual location of a cell tower
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    LOL, it seams to work most of the time now, but no matter were
    I go it always places me about 10 miles away and always to
    the west of were I am at, that just makes no sense

    LOL iphone

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    Go get a 3g iphone

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    Quote Originally Posted by yeow202 View Post
    Go get a 3g iphone
    I may someday, when this one dies, and I can get a
    3G for around $100 to $150 or less and in good

    I just fail to understand how the original iPhone's
    agps or what ever it was would have helped anyone
    when they called 911, and what about other phones
    with agps, I sure hope there not this bad LOL

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