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Thread: Is the chronic dev team delaying to stay in the spotlight?

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    Quote Originally Posted by iNT3Rv3NTiONZz View Post
    I'm not even talking to you "Funked" I was talking to the arrogant ****
    And here's that word again "EXPECT" how can you expect anything? It takes as long as it takes

    And I'm not an apple fan boy, I have a pc! The only thing I have which is apple is my two phones!
    If you weren't talking to me, why did you quote me and flame me for saying 'expect'? You misunderstood what I meant anyway. Oh well, this thread has turned into an argument now. I'm out.

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    Lol sorry I thought that ova guy wrote that, I'M SORRY!!
    I was just getting annoyed with everyone saying expect, we shouldn't expect anything from them, especially being as it's free, fair enough if we were paying them (might I add, before anyone moans, that I'm not saying we should never have to pay for a jb) then we could start expecting things. But as It is, we don't and therefore should expect nothing, jus wait patiently until they're ready to release.
    PS. This comment is in no way aimed at you Funked it's to give everyone the opportunity to RESPECT THE DEVS, and not constantly grunt about how they're taking long or how one of them says "days not weeks" and then a week passes and everyone goes skits! WTF people?!?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by juiceguy View Post
    My mistake, you ARE talking about the Chronic Dev Team, the team that doesn't matter, the team that brings you FAKE JBs. Please excuse me, for I have wasted MY time commenting on irrelevant ****.
    And no, I'm far from a noob, *****
    Ironic. I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but you are in fact very much a noob if you think the chronic dev team is fake in any way.
    We're all just toymakers in the game of life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by M4tt Dam0n View Post
    I don't know, I'm just having a hard time thinking they have the proper skills to do this. Sure they found exploits but they never released a tool before after all.

    Devs, even if they don't give ETA, can at least estimate or give us progress updates. Their excuse is that "a progress update would be so technical that it would be too hard to understand". BS.

    I don't know maybe they're doing all this to stay in the spotlight for as long as possible and get more hits on their website? Think about it, if they release the jailbreak tool we'll hear about them for a week and everyone will forget about them after that.
    Bet you feel like an a-hole! I wish the devs would somehow find your ECID and write some 1337 code to block you from ever jailbreaking.
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