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Thread: Caller ID cydia app?

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    Default Caller ID cydia app?
    Is it possible to have a caller ID app that shows the number or name of the person? The least i want is it to show the names or numbers of the person if i have he or she in my contact list

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    Confused. The iPhone has this stock. No need for an app....
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    chill out nelly.... what i meant is when someone calls me, i don't have caller ID, so when someone calls me it says "unknown"...

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    Weird, no matter who is calling you?

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    I don't ahve caller ID for my iphone, and when anyone calls me "dad, family, random strangers", their numbers or names won't show, it would just say "unknown"

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    That's weird, sry if I came off as a **** I just didn't know what you were asking, but I wish I could help you, are you able tp restore?

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    sorry, i was kinda in a bad mood when i got off of school today. um actually my plan for my iPhone does not come with Caller ID, inother words if someone calls me then I don't know who it is unless i answer, so i was wondering if I could get caller ID via cydia or a jailbroken app

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    I think caller ID is all on the carrier side. If they don't send it to the phone you cant get it.

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    i agree with bchilton9

    all phones should have caller id... unless everyone is calling u with blocked caller id. that just seems really weird.
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