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Thread: Have phone stay on lock screen without turning off

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    Default Have phone stay on lock screen without turning off

    Over the summer I dropped my 3G and the headphone jack along with the volume and sleep/wake buttons broke; I've been able to operate my phone just fine using bossprefs to lock the phone and the home button to wake it. However, my home button is now broken. I installed mquickdo so I can simply imitate the home button by sliding my finger along the bottom of the screen, but as none of the buttons work, I can't wake the phone after it goes to sleep. I know that I can make the phone not lock in settings, but is there a way that it can not go to sleep but remain always on the unlocks screen?

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    My gosh! Upgrade your phone already. Not only that it is a 3g but a broken 3g. One way is to download lockinfo and in settings put it to NO DIM. Should work.

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    simple answer: get a new phone
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    If you feel up to the task, you can pick up replacement buttons on ebay for under $10. Not sure about the 3g, but I investigated this for a 2g and found that the audio jack, volume buttons and power button were all part of an assembly on a single ribbon cable. Picked one up for $7 and worked great.

    Maybe you can do the same for yours, including the home button.
    Dis-assembly procedure can be found via Google. Might be worth a try since it is a very cheap solution.

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