Hello everyone,
I have a 3g iPhone and it was running on 4.02 firmware. Last night i left it charging and this morning i found it with green/yellow screen color. I tried many times to turn it on/off but it did not work. After sometime, i connected to iTunes and tried to restore it. Then i got error message saying that the restore could not be done. I tried to restore it to the newest firmware (4.1) and still it did not work.

After some time i managed to get the screen on. I tried to jailbreak it and everything went fine, but when it finally got on the lock screen displayed a message "RESTORE NEEDED iphone cannot make or receive calls. Restore from itunes. www.apple.com/support"

When i plug it to the computer and iTunes, i Tunes says that the sim card is not inserted and that i need to insert the sim. However, i cannot restore iPhone as there is no that option any more. Is there any other means how to restore the firmware on my iPhone and then to jailbreak it?

Your help is highly appreciated... please send to [email protected]