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Thread: ip4 screen issues

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    Default ip4 screen issues
    ok so i have a couple questions, maybe some of you may be having the same issues that i am...

    im having some screen "bleeding" or pixels dying, im not sure which it actually is...but for some time now the corners of my screen have been slowly "leaking" in and making my screen black. when i look close it appears that its the LED lights going out.

    when i take pictures the photos come out just fine, and when i switch through my photo library, the parts of the photos that have been covered up by the lights being out now appear.

    basically imagine someone taking a permanent marker and blacking out the top right corner of your screen to where you cant see your battery icon. that's what is happening with me, so its really annoying to have to turn my phone to landscape mode to see the power.

    there are also, red and blue/green lines running up both sides of my phone on what looks to be the very edges of the screen, those also stay in place when i switch through photos, rotate my phone etc. so basically it looks like the pixels may be dying or just failing on me...but it happens to get worse every day and im wondering if i should just send it into Apple for a replacement phone?

    im 1- worried about losing my JB (even though a new one will be out soon) i like my phone in its current state 2- will apple be able to tell that my phone has been JB and then tell me that my warranty is void and keep/not issue me a replacement? 3-im wondering if this may be a issue from my phone being in my bathroom when i shower and the steam from the hot water messing up the screen, much like with the 3G/S when you could see the white/red dot to tell if it had been dunked in water etc.

    can someone out there answer a couple of these questions or give me some advice on what i should do? ive never had an issue with an iphone like this and have owned/been part of the JB scene since the first wave of iphones dropped.


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    You should be able look inside the headphone jack with a light to see if the water damage tabs popped out. If you decide to send your phone in just restore the phone to new and they will not be able to tell that it was jailbroke before.
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    thanks...ill check it out, but im gonna have to send it back for sure, its getting worse.

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