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Thread: 2 more days left for 4.1 jailbreak for all (I think)

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    Default 2 more days left for 4.1 jailbreak for all (I think)
    Don't quote me on this but I remember seeing something about the jailbreak being released on the 25th. Idk if it was a prank Or true it was on a few site that I can't say here. But darn it I need that landscape lock screen app! For the new touch.

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    When you gonna grow up and be bigrican?

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    Then it must be true!

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    Lol bigrican. Idk it just a screen name at least it not floppy

    Quote Originally Posted by PWNsyst3m View Post
    Then it must be true!
    Hope so! Hope the Internet is right.
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    yeah i need to grow up and be hard_joe

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    Lmao! Funny

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    Isn't this like ur 5th thread about the release of the JB..just continue the old ones, no point in making a new one everytime. Also, who makes the JB? The dev team, so it's released when they say it is, random ppl from other sites aren't making the JB so why trust them over the dev team?

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    No I wrote about jailbreak for my old touch which I sold for 300 lol. But like I said where I got the infos all said the something from a inside source. They have been hints

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    pff dont believe this bs. when the dev team says its coming then its coming
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    There are many rumours, some say 25th, 27th etc. Just be patient and don't hold your breath. The dev teams are hard at work. Hope it comes sooner rather than later though!

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    Don't get your hopes up, I develop games and I know first hand that the best way to go about a release is give no specific date because if you do not meet that date because of complications with coding and what not people will cry even more then they are now.


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