Hi everyone,

Im a newby and by no means techie kind of person and some of the instructions are scary so please bear with me if i sound like i have no idea what im taking about.

Unlocked jailbroken iphone, originally bought new in December 2009, paid to have it unclocked/jaibroken so i could use Tmobile UK instead of O2.

I am not sure which firmware it had installed, i did have Cydia on there.

Problem is i was in the middle of a conversation and it just died on me, wouldnt swtch back on and charger wont work, it goes from showing the needs charging icon to the icon that says charging when plugged in but it wont charge, it then looks like it keeps reloading itself, wont actually turn on but goes from frozen apple sign to the applesign and the loading wheel and then freezes again.

ive tried:
- holding both buttons down to restart it doesnt work
- charging on different usbs and wall connector
- restarting computer with USB connected
- getting to the section where it asks me to connect to itunes
and so on and im fed up now

previously its happened once and it was sufficient to let the battery run out then plug it into the USB and it worked....not happening this time

problem is ive changed laptop so i dont have itunes loaded, i can download it but scared of it updating and apparently as it jailbroken someone told me that would block the iphone and be deemed uselessm right now i feel like throwing this brick at a wall so im weighing up my options! I used to say to everyone what a brilliant phone it was urghh

the important thing is that ive lost all my numbers as i havent done a back up since first getting it!
please help any suggestions?

thank you