This is a bit long winded, but please stick with it, there is a question in there!

Back at 4.0 & 4.01 I had my 3g Jailbreak'd. At this time Notes created on the 3g would sync with my MobileMe mail account and appear in the inbox on me desktop.

So, 4.1 came out and I upgraded, knowing that I'd lose the JB but willing to deal with that to speed the phone up. At this point Notes stopped syncing. I looked into it and discovered that Note syncing on a 3g is not enabled in iOS4 so I assumed it was a feature that got turned on as part of the Jailbreak.

Yesterday I Jailbreak'd on 4.1, the only additional feature I enabled was multi tasking. I noticed immediately that Notes started syncing again. Happy days.

Today I re-Jailbreak'd the phone as the multi-tasking feature was slowing it down too much, so when I re-did the Jailbreak I turned this feature off. Now, notes won't sync.

My question is, is the Notes syncing feature only added to the 3g if Multi-tasking is turned on (that's what it looks like to me)? If so, is there a way to enable this feature on a JB'd 3g without enabling Multi-tasking?

Or, am I going mad, does Jailbreaking not effect Notes in any way and I only imagined it worked whilst it did?

Yours confusingly.