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Thread: Help! Boot Logo Loop + Can't Turn Off

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    Default Help! Boot Logo Loop + Can't Turn Off
    Hi everyone,

    I've got a huge problem with my iPhone 3G I'm hoping someone here can help me with. I wouldn't say I'm technically minded but I'll do my best to explain the problem.

    All it does is constantly show the apple boot logo, it never actually boots to the springboard. It isn't being recognized by iTunes or the computer. It wont go into DFU or recovery mode, it wont even restart using the power and home key. The only way to get rid of the boot logo is to let it run out of power. I cant SSH into it either, the iPhone doesn't respond to the SSH client.

    Everything seemed to be working fine. It was running jailbroken 3.1.2, I then upgraded to jailbroken 4.0 which seemed to work okay. I unlocked it successfully and restarted it and all still seemed okay. The problem I think was with an app called APT Backup, because I used it to make a backup list of my Cydia apps in 3.1.2 then tried to restore them on firmware 4.0. They appeared to restore okay but after it asked me to restart, that's when the problem started happening.

    I've spent hours searching the google for different solutions but I'm getting nowhere. I really can't afford to get it fixed by a repair shop so I'd REALLY appreciate it if someone could help.

    Thanks very much,


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    The problem is most likely that one of those apps you previously had on 3.x is not yet compatible with 4.
    It shouldnt bootloop from that tho, thats the reason for mobile substrate and safe mode..
    Can u post a list of those apps? If it is something that works with... Hang on, it could be ultrasn0w (your unlock) thats causing the problem, as it obv deals in some way with the baseband, which will be loaded on boot. I geuss ultrasnow is failing to execute..
    Sorry but i have no idea how to fix this, my only suggetion would be to keep trying to get it into dfu, as soon as you get that your sorted.

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    There are some computer tools that could push it into DFU but idk if the programs will see it while it's booting...
    Sell it on EBay and say as is lol, if they complain just say you never said it could get to the homescreen but it does boot lol

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    Thanks a lot for the replies guys!

    Thankfully I've managed get round this one, it was a bit more simple than I first thought.
    Anyway I thought I'd come back on here to let people know how I got round it, in-case anyone needs the information in future.

    The main issue was the phone not going into DFU or recovery mode due to the phone not restarting or powering off. I couldn't even SSH into it, so it seemed as if I'd hit a wall.
    Once again I had leave it during the boot loop until the battery ran out, but this time when plugged it back in to the USB cable I literally stared at it for 10 min until the apple logo showed again. Then as soon as it appeared, I held down the home key until it went into recovery mode. I was then able to restore it with a jailbroken IPSW I made with Sn0wbreeze, then unlock it with Ultrasn0w.

    The only problem I had after that was trying to restore the SMS.db and AddressBook.sqlitedb files to bring back my contacts and messages.
    I first thought it was a simple case of copying the files into their directories but it wasn't quite as easy as that.
    Once the SMS.db file had been copied over, I had to run "chown mobile -R /var/mobile/" in terminal over SSH to change the owner from "root" to "mobile".
    Restoring the AddressBook.sqlitedb was almost the same. Once it was copied over, I used the "chown mobile /private/var/mobile/AddressBook/AddressBook.sqlitedb" command in terminal over SSH to change the owner to "mobile" from "root". It's important that iPhone is restarted strait away, otherwise it will rebuild the AddressBook.sqlitedb with a new one containing no contacts.

    So that's about everything, hopefully this might help someone one day.



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