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Thread: vwallpaper ios 4

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    Default vwallpaper ios 4
    anyone know the directory that i can ssh my own video wallpapers into, ive been looking for some time now and cant find it!!



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    Create a folder, call it vWallpaper or whatever you want.
    Add the video to the folder.
    Put it in the same folder you put winter board themes.
    Then activate it in the winter board settings.

    Warning, vWallpaper drains the battery much faster

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    Not sure you have been looking too hard. Its posted in quite a few places. I am assuming that you have the vWallpaper app. If Not, Get It. If your using WINScp open it and double click the back folder 3 times. User>>Media>>Skrew>>Videos Now drop your mp4 or mov file into this folder. You will want to also drop a thumbnail image into the same folder. it must be a jpeg and 80x100.

    @burnout399 yes vwallpaper uses battery more but not that noticeable. the way you told him to do this is wrong. You can do it that way but 1. you must name the video file "Wallpaper". 2. this way eats the battery x100. The video will play continually (runs in the background which eats battery and memory needlessly) it will also freeze after a few loops. vWallpaper does not run in the background nor does it freeze. It works much better than winterboard video wallpapers.

    Take the test yourself. Turn on vWallpaper and go into an app. wait a few moments and exit the app. You will notice that the video will start from the beginning everytime. now let it the video play for awhile. It never freezes.
    Now try this same test with videos from winterboard. when you exit an app the video will be at some random spot (meaning it was running in the background) If it hasnt frozen by the time you exit an app, give it a minute or two.

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