Got problem, my iPhone 3GS is not synchronizing anymore properly with iTunes. Since I have got iPad I have problems. iTunes 9 and 10 are removing everything - like notes, etc from my iphone and replacing it with data from imac. Before it used to work and whatever I was putting into my phone was added to imac and whatever I have put into my imac was added to iphone. Since some time it is removing everything from my iphone and putting in what I have on imac or on ipad. I can't find any settings to force this "thing" to prioritize the direction of synch. I just did click "replace all" on my ipad so I wanted to wipe out everything from ipad and put in all from my imac, and then when I have connected my iphone into it it just did kill it as ipad before. I think there is some bug in itunes. It didn't do it before and suddenly since since time (around os 4.x appeared) it does it. I have os 3.2.1 on ipad and 3.1.2 on iphone.

please advise if I can do anything about it. Thank you
Regards Marek.