Morning, everyone -- I have a jailbroken iPhone 4. Several times a day, a "duplicate" on-screen keyboard would appear when I unlocked (via LockInfo) and stay on the screen even in apps and Springboard. The duplicate keyboard would stay till I pull up / dismiss the real keyboard. It got better after I uninstalled iRealSMS / biteSMS, but now the problem has come back.

But then I noticed that the duplicate keyboard only appeared when I was in low light conditions -- that is, when the screen had been dimmed during / after LockInfo. So, I went to Settings / Brightness and turned off "Auto-Brightness." The duplicate keyboard problem went away!

Wondering if anybody else has seen this problem, and if there's a conflict causing this.

Have the following jailbroken apps on my iPhone 4: Activator, SBSettings (plus Calculator and Remove Background), FolderCloser, iMovicha, LockInfo (plus Twitter and Weather plug-ins), Notified Pro (plus Notification Bar), 3G Unrestrictor. Installed then uninstalled iRealSMS and then biteSMS.