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Thread: The "official" proximity sensor fix mileage.

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    Default The "official" proximity sensor fix mileage.
    For those of you who have updated post your mileage from the proximity sensor fix. What was your problem and how did the fix work.


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    I am interested in hearing feedback on this as well. Currently have my iPhone 4 jailbroken but would consider upgrading to 4.1 if the proximity sensor issue has been sufficiently addressed. Thanks!

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    Me to. Anyone notice a difference?

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    Ok so I updated an the problem I had with my face placing
    People on mute, FaceTime and hang up on them. Well it seems like it mayhave fixed the issues. The phone seems to be able to be father away from my face befor the screen comes back on. We'll see how it does in the long run though. Looking good so far

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    Bought a new iP4 with 4.0.2 factory unlocked (& waiting for this jb is just killing me).

    The prox sensor only played up making calls with the native phone app, never Skype-> software problem, so I waited for 4.1, rather then replace.

    My problem was that after EVERY call the screen would not turn back on, remaining totally black. Couldn't hang up, etc. The home & power buttons didn't do much. Randomly hitting those buttons after 20sec the screen would usually come back. Occasionally I had to hold both buttons down for 10 secs, but this did not consistently turn off the iP4. Again the screen always came back on, but at random times between 10 & 90 seconds.

    Updated to iOS4.1 and problem fixed. Only accidental press buttons with my face if the iP comes off my ear a cm or so. V happy now

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    Yup I noticed a massive difference from 4.0.2 to 4.1, I still think it's much more sensitive than my 3G's

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    I haven't used my phone much since I upgraded to 4.1 but it went to speaker the one time I have so I can't say it's fixed.

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    As an update to my issue: 4.1 definitely did not fix my proximity sensor. Originally, Apple had me do a restore of the phone as new since I did a back up from my GS at the start. They claimed something was copied over and caused the problem. I did that and the problem persisted. I called Apple, they told me they could send me a replacement, I could go to the Genius Bar, or I could take it back to AT&T. I called AT&T since it's only 2 miles away and the Genius Bar is in towards the city and well out of my way. AT&T of course is not allowed to exchange due to the contract with Apple. I called Apple back and they confirmed that saying the previous guy was mistaken in the information. I set up for Apple to send me a new phone, and they agreed to waive the $29.99 fee that's included if I have them send me the phone first and mail mine back after receipt. That I applaud them for. However, I asked if I get it fixed before it comes in (due in Tuesday) could I just return the one I recieve and they said I could, just to write KGP on the box (Known Good Part) so they know they don't need to test it. I didn't know if I'd get a refurb or a new phone, though I have mixed feelings about refurb vs new anyway. Everyone likes to have a new phone, but sometimes a refurb has it's perks (Antenneagate?). While I was in the midst of calls between Apple and AT&T, AT&T told me there is no restocking fee on the iphone4, so I just went down, told them I want to return it and buy a new one. I told them the problem and since I've only had it 10 days, they called up the manager who wasn't in the store at the moment, and he agreed to take it back even though "they aren't supposed to" so the did an exchange. I'm not sure if I just returned it and then bought a new one if they'd have charged me full price or how that would have worked, but I would have raised some hell and if they didn't budge, just kept it and waited for my Apple delivered phone. I just got it last night and spent some time on the phone, but haven't noticed the problem. With the previous phone, it happend to me twice earlier in the day, once while on the call with Apple, and twice while trying to get through to AT&T.

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    I update to 4.1 to check , yep it is gone for now

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