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Thread: I don't believe this. Ads on the site

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    Default I don't believe this. Ads on the site
    I registered a cuple of days ago, quietly watching the threads and generally enjoying the site (which helped me numerous times btw) and forums. But this thread is not about that.

    Today while looking through the news site I noticed and interesting ad among google ones. Jailbreak/Unlock your phone now. Cheapest price on-line. Which led to a site that SOLD usually free software and claiming that it can JB 4.0.2 (here's a link if you want to see. UNLOCK IPHONE 4.0)

    So I'm simply asking, can admins somehow prevent this? Or at least put a quick link with warnings right under the ads? Cause I can imagine people clicking that and buying the usually free software which even wont work on 4.0.2 like they claim.

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    These ads are most likely "smart" ads that use the page content to choose what to display. Hopefully something is done to prevent them from showing the ad you mentioned. If not that, at least a disclaimer is nessesary.

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    iono that site seems pretty legit, i almost want to pay them..but they dont offer a 4.1 jb...and thats what i'm running ooooo noooes

    lol jk
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    Lol never pay to get jb, there has been plenty of warnings around the whole jb community about these sites, I would never even think of paying for jailbreak (I've donated 10 before, but that's different

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    That's what I'm saying.

    And yes, it was google ads which are "pre selected" for every user depending on the data google has on you (and that's a lot)
    Anyway, someone with less knowlege of the JB related things may end up with the same ad and fall for it.

    So my suggestion is that a small banner (link) is added under the top ad that warns about simmilar sites (or just says "Jailbreaking is free, learn more!") and leads to a page that has a short explanation of the whole JB thing

    I wouldn't say a thing if they'd do the jailbreak for you for a certain amount of money. That is work. But selling free software... That's just robbery...

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