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Thread: Please don't buy the jibberish jobs sells you

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    I'm glad some sense of order and reason was re-instated, thanks to our moderators.

    In the end, I do not care what phone anybody uses. They all have their pros and cons, and for the most part these days, they're all pretty excellent devices!

    I made my choice of the iPhone because of what it could do for me. Hopefully, those who chose Android based phones did so for similar reasons. But if you find yourself ranting with religious fervor regarding a CELL PHONE, you might want to turn it off, put it in a drawer, and get back to someplace from which you can at least SEE reality.

    After all, they are really just that. Cell phones. Not worth the frothing screams and rants.

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    I second the BANSTICK let's get this wanker off this forum

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    its a close call, up to the individual really, but the new nano is a joke!
    Something Hidden in iPhone 4---Steve Jobs twitter

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    comparing cars is easy too. Of course if you buy from the wrong place it can be costly. But its still common sense.

    So because a Ferrari is $200,000 doesnt make it better than a $18,000 Honda. A Corvette is $65,000 but that doesnt make it better than a $30,000 BMW.

    You compare a price on a 2008 Corvette and a 2010 BMW sportscar, the Corvette would still sell for $45,000 and the BMW at the same price.

    You also cant compare cars to phones.

    You also cant see past that Im demonstrating value and why something is of a certain value.

    As far as I can see, youre immature. And that by itself makes you a waste of space. Be content with what you have, if youre not satisfied with a phone then ditch it, good for you.

    What did you think we were gonna do with your post? Say "yeah! Apple sucks! I hate my iPhone Im gonna trash it cuz this post was so meaningful to me!"

    We are happy with our choice, why arent you? Does having the EVO not satisfy your needs enough to keep you from coming back to MMi?

    Sorry, but your childish remarks are a joke. Judging by your character, its no wonder you couldnt figure out how to enjoy an iPhone so you go around telling people they're idiots for using the iPhone cuz its too simple of a phone. Youre the one who couldnt figure it out.

    Edit: you should probably figure out what "logic" is as well.

    Lets use your comparison.

    If a '95 Accord was $15,000 then it must have low miles and is pimped up as all hell can be with a new engine and body kit. If a '05 Accord was $10,000 stock then the mileage is high and/or something is wrong...say the paint is scratched on the hood and the engine sometimes surges. Then the '95 Accord is still lesser? Id buy the decked out modded engine body kitted low miles Accord for $15000 than waste money on a half broken newer model scratched up one.

    The way you looked at it isnt even the right comparison. I mean really? A '95 vs a '05? Might as well compare the EVO and the Motorola Razr. If you wanna compare something, make sure they are of the same caliber to begin with.
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    ^Would have to agree, very well put Annie.

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    can i mod my razr?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kgf88 View Post
    can i mod my razr?

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    I think this thread has served its purpose- the op has the attention he's been craving all his life, probably never got enough hugs off his mum. Now he's had the attention I can see him jacking off somewhere feeling complete.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisrotolo View Post
    its a close call, up to the individual really, but the new nano is a joke!
    im going to use it as a watch so i like it lol
    When the police want to know where someone is, they ask apple.

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    i've tried the evo and just didn't like it as much. It's a nice phone but besides from it being too big it's not as smooth as the iphone 4. I like the camera on the iphone 4 more as well (the pictures are better on ip4, MP count is way overrated compared to a good lense) and with a jailbreak I can do everything I need.
    I really don't miss flash at all.

    but go with what you like and if at all possible try not to force your choice on others (leave that kiddie stuff for the xbox vs ps3 debaters... such a sad arguement that is for either)

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    You said jailbreak is unstable as hell, I was jailbreaking my iPhones since 2007 and never had a single problem with them, maybe you are doing it wrong. What can I do with a jailbroken iPhone more than your walkman? I need just one forum to tell you all of the things I can do, Im sure your imagination is not enough to know what an iPhone can do and control. Im very satisfied with my iPhones since 2007 from firmware 1.0.2 to 4.0.1 if your problem is with Steve thats another thing. I personaly I dont like evo, why? because I feel like Im using an walkman from the 80s,I dont like macrotechnology, too big. Want to talk about electronics? Im a robotics, electronics and computers tech 17 years experienced and I can clarify any question you got, just let me know if you need to learn how to operate an iPhone, my little kid can teach you.
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    can i mod my walkman?
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    We do have a sister site that handles android devices.

    Android, Blackberry, Motorola & Palm News | ModMyMobile

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