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Thread: Why Apple Prevents Jailbreaking!

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    Post Why Apple Prevents Jailbreaking!
    People are greedy. Apple would not care about jailbreaking if people could just pay for apps. I understand that the greater majority of the people that jailbreak their devices don't know anything about how it works and just want shiny new themes and the ability to play NES Games. As Formentioned, there is a darkside to jailbreaking that gives it a bad reputation, PIRACY. The truth behind it all is that Apple makes money from apps.

    If people download apps that are $0.99-$12.99 USD, Apple makes money as do the developers of the applications. However if someone "Cracks" these applications and posts them on the internet so anyone with a sub-average i.q. can use them, Who makes money? Nobody does and that makes developers unable to fund their endevours to make their apps better. I am not agreeing with apples tactics to stop jailbreaking, I am simply saying that until people stop exploiting developers for personal gain we will always be playing this cat and mouse game with Apple.

    - JF

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    Apple made over 1 billion in revenue from the App store last year (mostly Fart sound boards and other garbage of the like). you think they like losing money to jailbreakers who can use pirated apps?

    granted, not every jailbreaker is a pirate, but Mr. Jobs like to keep his toys on a tight leash. Do you know of ANY call phone maker who rolls out firmwares with the frequency of Apple?

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