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Thread: Edge not turning off, tried boss prefs and services

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    Default Edge not turning off, tried boss prefs and services
    Please help me. I don't have a data plan and I would really like to turn egde off. I just bought a 1.1.4 iphone and when I tried to turn off edge using services, it doesn't work edge still connects. Since services didn't work, I uninstalled it and I installed boss prefs. When I turned off edge and edge still works. On the biss pref menu in shows that edge is off but it still connects to the internet. Please help me

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    Edge shouldn't work if you don't have the plan. It won't work for AT&T at least.

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    I have a plan, buts its only for talking and texting. So at&t charges me per kb when ever I use edge. Thats why I need to have edge off. So the iphone won't go on by on edge and cost me hundreds of dollars. :/

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    You could SSH into your phone and edit the EDGE settings manually.

    SSH to: private/var/preferences/SystemConfiguration

    then open the preferences.plist

    scroll down to the following:


    and erase the bold text from your preferences.plist(it wont be bold on your phones list).
    Save it and reboot your phone.


    This is my preferences.plist from T-Mo, so actually when you using AT&T there should be other APN, username and password.
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    this may sound stupid, but make sure your wifi isn't connected hwen you're trying to see if edge is connected after turning it off. also, in bossprefs, it gives you the IP address when you're connected to edge. make sure the IP address isn't there after you turn it off

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    In my case it takes about three tries with Boss Prefs and then it does turn off.
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    AotW, Thanks. Works perfectly <3

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    where can i dl the boss pref software??? thanks

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    I had this problem too on my 4gb, 3.9 bootloader, 1.1.4, ZiPhone unlocked, iphone using an AT&T sim. I tried iToggle which wouldn't even open, then I tried which would let me switch the EDGE off but as soon as I closed it it would open it again and I tried safari and it let me use google when Wifi was off. Lastly I tried boss prefs and so far it is working perfectly I did have to switch it off twice though. I tried using safari with wifi off and it said "can't find sever". iToggle, and boss prefs are under all packages in the installer app. Hope this was helpful.

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