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Thread: Edge Toggle in SBSettings on iOS4

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    Default Edge Toggle in SBSettings on iOS4
    My question may be fairly complicated. But basically, I am on a prepaid plan with limited data (AT&T) on my iPhone 3Gs and in OS 3.1.3, I was able to use SBSettings EDGE toggle to turn on and off data access. But even when EDGE was turned off, I was still able to get push notifications. Also I think assisted GPS still worked. Basically I think the EDGE toggle confused Safari, and other apps so these were not able to get any data on the cellular network. Since these were the apps that use the most data, it was perfect for me. But I was happy to still get push notifications since these basically used very little data a few kBs).

    Now, there is no EDGE toggle just a data and 3G toggle. When I switch off the data toggle there really is no data, including no push notifications and no assisted GPS. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a way to recreate the old EDGE toggle in iOS4 so that I can disable most of the data transfer, but still get push notifications and a-GPS.


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    Are you sure you weren't on wifi when you got push and assisted gps? If edge Is off, I don't understand how that would be possible without wifi..even mms is sent through edge. Also, I'm 95% sure that the data and edge toggle do the exact same thing, it disables edge, and without edge, there is no 3G so no data either way unless you have wifi

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    Default Yes Edge toggle doesn't turn off edge
    First off, I got my solution. BigBoss emailed (he's great) and said that there is a separate edge toggle in Cydia, which I didn't know was there. I installed it and presto, the old functionality is back. I've got a data toggle, and edge toggle and 3G toggle, which gets a little confusing, but I keep the data toggle on and turn on and off the edge toggle and I can still turn on and off internet access to the apps, while still keeping push notifications!

    Here's more info on the EDGE toggle. This is from a different forum about push notifications:
    Pushfix 2.0 • View topic - Tips and FAQ

    Tips and FAQ

    Postby pushfix Sun Oct 18, 2009 7:54 am
    Last updated Dec 15th,2009


    #1 Do not use SBSettings Push toggle to turn push on and off. It may cause the dreaded "Connect to iTunes to use Push Notifications" problem. Use Settings -> Notifications -> Off.

    #2 If you are using SBSettings EDGE toggle to save power or because you don't have an unlimited data plan, DON'T. First off, the EDGE toggle does not actually turn off EDGE. It prevents you, the user from using EDGE, but push still happily connects on EDGE even though it won't function. Push will not switch to WiFi if you turn off EDGE. The only way at this time to get WiFi pushes is to toggle Phone off with SBSettings. Push will then immediately switch to WiFi.

    As far as I know, there is NO real way of turning off EDGE at the chip level. These hacks just temporarily break it so it doesn't work. BigBoss confirms it right here : Sbsettings Edge Toggle | iPhone News, Help and Guides

    To save your data plan usage, go to Settings -> Notifications and turn push off there. If you do it this way and then go back in there and turn it back on, push will start up right away and work great.

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