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Thread: Safari freezes upon exit/reentry

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    Default Safari freezes upon exit/reentry
    Hey all, my JB 3GS is having some issues. I can't pinpoint what apps/packages I had updated that may have caused the problem, but it has only been doing this for a week or so.

    If I'm using Safari and receive a SMS or a phone call and choose to reply/answer from within the Safari app, upon returning to the Safari app, Safari freezes or locks up. The only things I can do is 1) tap the status bar to auto scroll to the top of the page and 2)tap the "tabs" button (bottom right corner) to display other pages that may be open. I can't actually close a page or swipe left/right to a different page. I also can't select the address bar or search bar, or move around in the page, etc.

    I have tried hitting the home button and reentering the app with no luck. In order to get it working again, I have to go into SBSettings and kill the process thru SBSettings. Once I reopen the app after it's been killed, it reloads the page and all is good...until the next SMS or phone call. If I choose to ignore the call or close the SMS preview, I can hit the home button to get back to the springboard and proceed from there with no problems.

    Since I had to kill the app to get it working again, I thought it may be an issue with Backgrounder (which I had updated fairly recently). I messed with settings in Backgrounder (Local backgrounder vs. OFF vs. Backgrounder) and nothing seemed to help. I even uninstalled Backgrounder - hoping it would fix it. No luck.

    The other thing I thought of was Saurik's PDF patch. I tried uninstalling it - no change.

    I'm lost and tired of searching for a solution. Anyone have any suggestions on what to check or try? It's just very frustrating. I've been JB for almost a year now - with hardly any issues, but this issue has just gotten under my skin.

    Thanks in advance.

    UPDATE: I just figured out that upon reentry to frozen Safari, I am able to open a new page and the bookmarks list comes up. I can choose a bookmark and once that page loads, I can return to my original page and it works fine. Don't know if this helps or not, but I would still like to figure out why it freezes up in the first place.
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    Yeah my JB iPod touch 3g 32gb 3.1.3 does that and to fix I did the same thing, and the way you fixed it works to. Do you have a soultion?

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    No solution yet, but the opening a new page thing saves a lot of time.

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    Install backgrounder and set safari from native backgrounding mode to backgrounder. It will not pause on exit and when you come back it's like you never left

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    this is Safari Download Manager bug. Uninstall it and Safari will work. Search "Safari freezes" in youtube. I waited for a fix for a week and found a nice replacement to it. It's Oplayer free in iTunes.
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    Yes its the new safari download manager bug im having the same problems [Safari freezes]
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    Anyone know if the developer plans on fixing this bug anytime soon?

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    Ive checked on users feedback to the SDM ver 1.5 in Cydia and it has lots of this sort of complainings. I have also sent him an e-mail last week. I am not waiting for him to reply but he knows that the problem exists for sure.
    Is there anyone can share ver 1.3 with me?

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