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Thread: iPhone 3G "slowdown" update compatible with iPhone 4?

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    Default iPhone 3G "slowdown" update compatible with iPhone 4?
    So I've been wondering if the update that is supposed to be released for the iPhone 3G users to correct the "slowness" of the phone will be compatible with the iPhone 4.

    Somehow I can't help but think the iPhone 4 could be better in terms of its battery life and that the iOS 4 has something to do with it although it's not as noticeable.

    I've also noticed that on my iPhone 4 even when you delete an app like "Settings" or "App Store" from the backgrounding menu, when you restart the will still return to the spot where you last left it. Example....if you were in "Usage" under Settings it will return you there instead of the "Settings" home page. I don't recall my iPhone 3G ever doing that when I killed the process. This makes me think that there is still some kind of constant backgrounding at work with iOS 4 even when you kill the process in the menu bar.

    My old iPHone 3G on 3.1.2 with Backgrounder seemed to have at least as good of battery life as my current iPhone 4....maybe a tad less.

    Is anybody else noticing any of this....or am I just being paranoid??

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    you're paranoid. I had a 3gs and returned it after 2 weeks because of crappy battery life. my iphone 4 has better battery life than my old blackberry, which is saying something.

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