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Thread: iP4 Screen Crash/Vibrating till battery died, battery 100% dead won't recharge

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    Default iP4 Screen Crash/Vibrating till battery died, battery 100% dead won't recharge
    Had a JB phone using 4.01. Used Installed JB pdf patch. Had Cydia installed, apps installed: ToneFX, Terminal to change root password, Rock Apps, Intelliscreen, My3G, MyWi 4.0, iBlacklist trial. Appsync. with 1 apps installed "Docstogo"

    EDIT 2010.08.26 @ 6:30PM PST :
    Forgot to mention, that before the problems happened, that same day there was an update for Intelliscreen & Intellishared. After the update I lost the 3G & provider icons on the top left corner of the screen. I wasn't able to make outgoing calls. iPhone was now an iPod. I uninstalled Intelliscreen & Intellishared to see if that worked. Fixed. After that I left to continue my day until later this evening when this happened....

    Phone has been working fine until one night I was having dinner.

    I was checking text messages when suddenly the screen dissolved, matrix style then went black. Not a sudden black screen, but a dissolved transition. Then the phone went dead. Tried the HOME button and POWER button reset for 10 seconds, then 30 seconds, then 1 minute. Nothing. Tried the power button hold for 10 seconds, then 30, then 1 minute, still nothing.

    Got into my car and plugged it into the GriffinTechnology car charger which I've been using for weeks and is compatible with the iPhone4; after 5 minutes the phone was HOT, so I unplugged it.

    Got home, was able to plug it in, I could hear the the phone was still audible and making sounds and that i was able to sync with iTunes v 9.2.1(4). The phone was still working, but the screen was just dead.

    After I was able to sync the phone I repeated the soft/hard reset sequence from earlier and nothing happened. Then after 5 minutes the phone started vibrating. The soft/hard reset sequence wasn't working. The phone was unplugged and still vibrating. Now it's sitting on the counter dancing away vibrating nonstop. I left it the kitchen to let the battery die out.

    The next morning, I plugged it in and it was vibrating each time it was plugged into the electrical plug & into the computer. I shook the phone to see if there was any internal damage with all the vibrating and nothing.

    I let the phone recharge for 3 hours, as it vibrated away. Came back later and the battery wouldn't recharge at all.

    Brought it to the Apple store today. They plugged in the phone and watched it danced on the counter top.

    They replaced my phone. They didn't give me a new shiny shrink wrapped box, but an alternate that was underneath the genius bar. it was in a hard plastic case protected in foam. The phone itself was in a clear plastic bag and still had the protective film over the glass surface. They said they were going to return the phone back to Apple to diagnose.

    I did not tell them it was Jailbroken. They couldn't tell as the phone would not boot up.
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