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Thread: iPhone: disable mobile Data by default

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    Default iPhone: disable mobile Data by default

    I recently got the new iPhone 4 and now would like to use my "old" 2g with a Prepaid card.
    Since mobile data is quite expensive with it and I don't need it all the time, I'd like to disable it with the option to turn it on.

    I used SBSettings, but it didnt work very reliable. Sometimes it showed Data as disabled but I was online. Another issue was, that everytime I turned it off or switched to airplane mode, it switched back to being online.
    Also I would like to have some indicator in the menubar or somewhere so that I cant forget to go back offline..

    Is there some solution for my pretty complicated problem?


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    All simple :
    Settings, network, cellular data, you turn it off.
    I hope it's the good names, mine is in french.

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    Thannks, but unfortunatley there's no toggle on my 2G.. I think its 3G only.

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    Quote Originally Posted by melllvar View Post
    Thannks, but unfortunatley there's no toggle on my 2G.. I think its 3G only.
    Here's what I've found :
    iPhone 2.0: How to Disable Cellular Internet Access | Brent Kearney

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    yes.. isn't there a way to add that toggle via cydia? :-/

    APN Editing is possible on the iPhone, so no need for that app you posted.

    I just need an option to have internet disabled by default and an indicator in the menubar.

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    Normally data toggle comes packed with sbsettings, you should install it.
    But an indicator in the menubar... I don't know.
    Edit : forget what I said, didn't read your first post carefully.
    Don't know how to help...

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    I have sbsetting.. but its not possible to disable internet by default. so it goes back online all the time.

    when I disable mobile data via sbsettings or false apn there still is the "circle" for mobile data in the menubar

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    One other thing I've found :
    1) Tap Setting -> General -> Network -> Cellular Data Network
    There, you will see some boxes to enter user name, password and etc. You need to enter some wrong data in user name and password boxes! Then turn your phone off and power it on again.
    That's all!

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    thanks, but as i said: disabling works fine via sbsettings. but still there's no indicator. Only advantage is, that when disabling the apn is that it stays disabled.

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