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Thread: SB crashing when moving icons and other problem

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    Default SB crashing when moving icons and other problem
    I'm having this very annoying problem, i cant really recall after what changes this happened but anyways i'll try to detail this as much as i can.
    When i change SB page, the icons become transparent (only while i slide my finger to change page) as soon as im on the page, the icons come back. The titles on the icons dont dissapear and i've also realised that when i have regroupped icons (categories) the category icon stays but the icons inside dissapear. Thats just part of the problem, the major problem is when i try and move the icons, as soon as i start moving it, SB crashes. Ive installed Crash reporter, maybe somebody can help me figure this crash log out, iVe inclued the crashlog and syslog in 2 seperate notepad files. Also, here is a link to a youtube video that shows exactly what the problem is: [ame=]YouTube - iPhone Springboard crash when moving icons HELP!!![/ame]
    The last thing i want is to restore and rejailbreak, ive had so much problem doing this because of my 64bit OS, because of that, im ready to pay 20$ to the person that solves my problem, the payment will be made by paypal and will be sent when i can safely move icons without crashing the SB and also when the icons dont dissapear while moving pages.
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