Calling All Dev's!!!

We need a BETTER Landscape Mod for the iPhone4!

So far, all we have to work with is SBRotator and its far too buggy to use consistently (not in apps of course).

Here is an example of what it SHOULD look like.

The idea behind this mod is that it mimics the iPad's view rotation with the help of it's internal accelerometer.

Here is what we currently have to work with...

--- SBRotator ---

The phone will bug out and when it is unlocked in Landscape, in which case you are locked with a bugged interface.

The dock bar apps are covering other apps, and the wallpaper does not stretch correctly. The wallpaper will also bug when you exit apps.

This is not the only problem, the folders cut off the screen if they contain any more than 4 apps.

Also, SBRotator, crashes the iPhone while opening certain applications while in landscape mode.

My SBRotator Review -

Can someone develop something similar to SBRotator that works well with the iPhone4?

Do any developers have the rocks to take on this challenge?

1. You will make money. (I myself would pay up to 10 bucks)
2. iPhone users will love you long time.

Sincerely Yours
Gantera (obviously not a developer)

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