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Thread: Phone won't sleep, few other problems, help please.

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    Default Phone won't sleep, few other problems, help please.
    Hey all. I have a jailroken 3GS. Recently, I've come to discover the phone will no longer sleep. The settings say that it should sleep after 1 minute.

    Another issue. When I'm on a phone call, the proximity sensor will turn the screen off as normal, but it will not turn back on. This means I can't end a call when I want to. I have to repeatedly press the lock button until the screen comes back on. Usually takes a good 5 seconds, which is really annoying.

    In playing with themes and unofficial apps, I've lost my AT&T logo on the status bar as well. I figure this has to be a simple fix, maybe a file I can edit in iFile or through SSH?

    The easiest way to fix all this crap would be to restore back to official 4.0 with no backup and re-jailbreak I'm sure, but I'm kind of afraid of doing so. First, I don't know what SHSH blobs have to do with this process, since I'd like to restore to 4.0 instead of 4.01. Cydia says it has blobs on file for my phone for 4.0. But how does this work when restoring? If I'm restoring, my phone won't be jailbroken anymore, so I'm confused as to how it would look to Cydia's server for signing the firmware.

    If anyone has any solutions or information, it would be greatly appreciated.


    Note: if 4.01 is still available through iTunes, and Jailbreakme still works poperly with it, I'd be willing to restore new with 4.01 just to make the process easier. However, I'd still like to know, for future reference at least, how to restore to a previous firmware if I have SHSH blobs on file on Saurik's server.

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    go to ur host file, change it to saurik's server.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pain55 View Post
    go to ur host file, change it to saurik's server.
    Sorry for sounding noobish, but could you elaborate? Is there a guide that someone could link me to? I did search for the answer before posting but didn't find anything.

    Is this something in iTunes that you change to search Saurik's server for the firmware signature?

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    Its ok yup it is. are u on windows? if so, go to ur c drive, windows, system32, drivers, and open ur host file with notepad and enter this at the bottom:

    save the file and and u are all good to go

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    Thanks! I'm going to try this. Also, just to be sure, if I have any issues, can I still offcially update to 4.01 and use to Jb? I haven't been following the new fw's at all, but I'm understanding that 4.01 is still the most current fw not in beta an that works fine with it?

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