I have an old MacBook Pro (OSX 10.4) with which I sync the 2g, now it won't allow my iPhone 4 to be used until I install Leopard 10.5.8. I will be upgrading the Mac next weekend to get my backups sync'd so for now I have no other option but to manually transfer files from SSH to a PC and Contacts, Photos, Ringtones, SMS and Notes and move them between the old phone and the new one. My problem is that contacts and photos are not showing up in the iPhone 4.

I transferred both AddressBook.sqlitedb and AddressBookImages.sqlitedb to var/mobile/Library/AddressBook/ but it shows up empty under contacts. Also the photos 153 of them copied through SSH show up as 5 black thumbnails on the new phone. SMS app crashes even though all my old messages are showing up after moving sms.db from the old phone to the new. All other items are showing up properly and they were transferred in the same manner.

Any ideas what I need to do to move these files manually from 2g to iPhone 4 and have them show up correctly.

Thanks in Advance for any tips! :-)