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Thread: Hijacked passcode

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    Default Hijacked passcode
    So if what I understand is right if you don't use the passcode on your device, anyone can set a random passcode and lock you out. Leaving you with only a restore if that works. The only protection is setting your own passcode. I use androidlock and dislike having a passcode so I'd rather not use that method. Now you can use apps to lock or hide the settings app, but that can easily be worked around, or completely disabled leaving you unprotected. So does anyone know a way to either disable setting a passcode, or at least a way to get around it if this happens, maybe ssh into it and resetting the passcode or something?

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    Just change the default password from 1234 to something else. Then no one can activate it

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    set a passcode in settings then turn it off
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    Doesn't work. If you set a passcode. Say 0000. Then if you turn it off you go back into it and it says enter a passcode. You can enter 1111 and that will be the new passcode. If it's off you can set any passcode you want without having to put in the old code.

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    First, change your ssh password from alpine to something new...then u won't have to worry biut someone ssh'ing intonyour phone and changing your password and such...
    Now for someone physically taking your phone and changing the passcode, simple : don't give ur phone to anyone and don't loose it...simple as that...u must not trust a lot of people or someone wants in on ur phone because they don't trust you...stop yo shizzle and you won't have to worry about BF/GF going thru ur stuff lol

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    My root password has been changed long ago. I just like knowing how secure things are. Now I don't have a problem with trusting people, but it's still nice to know these things. Such as I know you can change/reset your root password even though it's encrypted by editting the file that holds that data. I was thinking you could probably do the same with this situation. I've got nothing to hide. But I absolutely love knowing ways to backup or get around security.

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