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Thread: iphone not playing sound through speakers

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    Default iphone not playing sound through speakers
    no idea what happened but i keep getting this annoying message this accessory is not optimised for iphone even though i have nothing connected to the iphone.
    it rings through the speakers if i get a call but i dont hear any system sounds any more and also no sounds from apps.
    if i plug in the headphones i can hear sound.
    so the speaker is not damaged anyway.
    also if i press the volume buttons while in an app nothing comes up unless headphones are in. in the menu the ringer volume comes up but thats it. rebooted it a few times still nothing.
    its a 3gs new bootrom with 4.0.1 and the new jb
    anyone else came across this? how do i fix it?
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    my friend had this problem when he got a replacement iphone 3g.

    he solved it by getting another one

    but i have also herd that it could be the 30 pin connector on the iphone, try to blow it to make sure nothings inside that would cause the phone to think somethings plugged in.
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    yeah done that. no change. i really dont wanna send it back and get a crappy one with 4.0.2 that i cant jb

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    I had that problem on my 3G JB also. I ended up restoring and rejailbreaking. Fixed the problem.

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    yeah will probably have to do that but restoring will format it and install 4.0.2 which i of course don't want.
    i do have shsh saved from 4.0.1 so that should be enough to go back to 4.0.1 right?

    hmm i went and got rid of the iapd file and it works now. weird as i didnt use one for 3rd party cables, it was using the original one.
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    hi. pleees some one help me.. it's easy

    I have iPhone 3gs os 4.0.1 and I was need to get the trick of iapd file..

    My fault is: I replace the original iapd file for my divice (3gs os 4.0.1) with iapd of (os 3.0.1) with out save the orginal file so I had some unlike change. like i can't use the orginal AV outt cable for iPhone.. it's just nothing hapen when i conect it.

    Now what I need is if some one can send me the orginal file for iPhone 3gs os 4.0.1 and you can just get it from your divice

    you can find the iapd file here:

    and send it to me by:

    [email protected]

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