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Thread: Backgrounder wont enable with cydia

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    Default Backgrounder wont enable with cydia
    Hi all any thoughts on why?

    It flies on all other apps. And at one point was working. I reinstalled and now it wont pick up for cydia. Short hold takes me right to voice control.

    I was also wondering why mail apps cant be enabled.

    Real new sorry for the WOB.

    Also how can i tell which apps are running via backgrounder? Is there a list which ID's them.

    Hey thanks again. Im getting there
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    Same for me. It stopped working somewhere in the last few days. I just noticed it not working last night.

    Pressing and holding the HOME button refuses to background cydia. Just voice control comes up.

    I even went into backgrounder and added an exception for cydia to force the backgrounding. no good.

    edit: looks like its already being discussed there, and it has to do with the newer version of activator. The old version (as posted in that thread) still works with cydia. I hope either cydia or activator update their libraries to bring back the proper compatibility.
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    ditto fellas. new to the jailbreak. only been about two weeks, but as of three days ago backgrounder refused to work on cydia. not sure what this all means but at least its not just us having bugs or something. between that and the reloading data message its a freakin time drain.

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    yup, i just removed it all together. i really only wanted it for cydia, and most radio apps stream behind anyway. its cool but with multitasking im just not sure it fits. maybe with the ipad it would be more useful. i need one of those

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    yeah im only rockin the 3G, so i have no multi tasking. so backgrounder works for evrything else ill hold onto it. i can deal. like everyone else says and seems to be the general consensus, a program as cool as cydia and all its apps is worth having a few headaches. i have spent hours learning this stuff and moding the hell out of my iPhone. i gotta say its cool stuff.

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    Me too. Im really new to it and am really enjoying learning about the ins and outs. Its worth a few bugs for sure. One thing i do know is that i wont ever be on a non JBn iphone. 

    Damn have you tried sbrotator 2.0.6? So cool. Check it out.

    Actually super bugged Stay away.
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    I wrote something about to fix this problem asap

    You can read it by clicking here.

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    appreciate it.... ill have to investigate this a little further. thanks for the postl.

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    I as well, am having the same problem. Backgrounder works just fine on EVERYTHING it normally does..... Except for Cydia. And that's one of the ones that I really use it on a lot.

    Jay..... Any thoughts???

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    I have a feeling that this problem you guys are experiencing must be related to the problem I still am having.....I am using 'activator' from cydia, which lets me double tap the screen to close an app and return to the springboard due to having a broken home button. Every app closes with no problem whatsoever, except for doesnt react at all to any gestures to close!

    I am still hunting for a solution!....(I know I could pay to get the home button fixed! But am too cheap!)


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