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Thread: Apple deleted my data, have no back up

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    Question Apple deleted my data, have no back up
    My iphone was not charging, showing a red bar and flash sign, I took it to AT&T, they were no help, suggested apple store, I spoke to apple care, they asked me to take it to apple store in atlanta, I did, next thing I know, all my contacts, photos, video deleted. When I protested to the technician, he said do you have a back up, I said no, the technician said tough luck, to unlock the phone, they had to do master reset, which deletes all data. I spoke to the apple store manager, she admitted her technician mistake, of not asking my permission, but insisted, apple is not responsible for lost data.

    can anyone help me recovery the data without paying bunch of money.

    Please advise


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    They are not responsible for lost data but the manager is correct they should have asked first.

    As for getting the stuff back you may be out of luck if you never sync'd with iTunes.

    For future stuff if you don't plan on sync'ing with iTunes ever use something like gmail's exchange to sync contact via the phone.

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    Have you EVER synced with iTunes? If so you can extract files from the backup. Google 'iPhone backup extractor.'

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    Isn't this exactly the reason why Apple makes it difficult to transfer to/from your phone without having a constant backup copy on your PC? Yes, there's plenty of ways you can get around that, but that doesn't mean it's a good idea to do it, especially if you're a jailbreaker (even if this is the first time you've bricked you phone, it won't be the last). Hell, you should probably make a second backup, you cover for hard drive failure.

    In any case, there's no way to recover data from flash media. Furthermore, even if there was it would be of no use because all data stored on the iPhone is encrypted and decrypted by the processor on-the-fly, and when the iPhone is restored (or remotely wiped), the key is overwritten, making the data unrecoverable even if there were still a way to read it.

    If you're extremely concerned about the fact that they carried out the restore without your permission, I would suggest you speak to your lawyer. Personally I doubt you have a case against them, however.

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