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Thread: I searched but, alpine is NOT working for mobileterminal. help

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    Default I searched but, alpine is NOT working for mobileterminal. help
    3gs, running 4.0 and jailbreakme. added mobileterminal and upon opening i get the following,

    (my name)-iphone:- mobile$

    So I type in "su root" obviously no quotation marks
    responds with;

    Password: (I type in alpine) responds with;

    su: incorrect password

    Anyone got and idea? never done this and certainly never changed password

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    The same thing happened to me. I gave up on MobileTerminal for iOS 4.x, even @saurik has recently said it has problems.

    I got the default passwords changed by logging in via SSH from my desktop, everything worked fine that way.

    Use PuTTY as your ssh client if you're a windows user, Terminal if you have a mac or hackint0sh.
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    Are you sure you didnt change the password in Rock or mobileterminal before?

    If you absolutely must access whether for SSH or mobileterminal, you might consider a restore. That will reset the password to default. If you have a Rock account, Id recommend not restoring that until you change the password to something you are aware of in mobileterminal before doing so.

    Edit: Putty is not as user friendly has WinSCP. Its password is also dottie, if you do choose to use Putty and pass on the restore. You can use Diskaid for your SSH needs but as for mobileterminal, if you dont get that password you wont be able to access it.
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