I've had Iconoclasm on my 3GS since iOS 3.1.2. With Iconoclasm 1.4.9, I had the layout set to 4x5 on the first page, and 5x5 for all the rest. After upgrading to iOS 4.0.1, Iconoclasm stopped working, so I upgraded it to 1.6. But after this, I am no longer albe to change the layout with the preset layouts. No matter which layout I apply, it always stay 4x5 on first page and 5x5 for the rest. I've tried uninstalling, reinstalling, turning off and on Iconoclasm, but it simply refuses to forget this old layout. I've updated Iconoclasm to 1.6.1 and then to 1.6.2, but nothing fixed this problem.

What's worse, it also messes up the layout in Categories (with CategoriesSB). It makes all the icons in CSB folders line up in one vertical line to the left, basically renders them unusable. The only options I have now are either turning off Iconoclasm or use the Simple mode.

Please help me somehow reset Iconoclasm's memory so that it would work properly again!