So after buying the new iphone of course i had no reason not to try to install android on my old iphone. However, having a bit of trouble as i have run the program and believe i have done it all right because i get openiboot and the apple & froyo options. When i choose the froyo it loads it and everything looks fine, but when it gets to the lock screen i have to hit the home button to unlock it [Not even sure if thats normal or if you slide to unlock like an iphone because i have never used an android device]. When i get to the main screen all the widgets are on the screen, but it seems that the touch screen feature doesnt work. I can hit the home button and it brings up a menu, but can't choose any option in that either. Then after a couple seconds the device restarts back to the android intro screen where it flashes android and everything starts back to normal [still no touch feature]

Also if i want to restart the installation over do i need to restore or can i just run the uninstall from iphodroid and restart from that point?

If anyone can help at al that would be greatly appreciated. If i need to clarify what im trying to fix just let me know.