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Thread: Iphone 4 Gets Warm

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    Default Iphone 4 Gets Warm
    I have an iphone 4 jailbroken on 4.0.1. I have noticed that when using the phone with any app i can feel that it is warm on the back. it is right in the spot where the a4 chip is. It is not HOT unless I play N.O.V.A online or something like that. Is this normal? would restoring it fix it? Like i said, it is only warm, not hot. Is anybody else experiencing this?

    PS: I accidently restored from backup of old iphone if that has anything to do with it.

    Thanks for all suggestions!

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    Its not a big concern if your playing a game or whatever and it gets a little warm now if it to the point you cant hold it i would take it to apple. Restoring from a back up would have nothing to do with it.

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    Thats makes sense what you said. But i mean all I have to do is unlock it and go to safari for a couple minutes and I can feel that it is warm, not hot. It stays a constant warm until I do some high end gaming or somthing, but what I am wondering is if it is normal to become mildly warm after like 5 minutes. when I play 3d games it can get HOT, but I can hold it and all, I is just noticably hot. The battery life is not bad either.

    PS I have not gotten a temperature warning.

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    Mine gets warm but i would say its after 10 mins of gaming but nothing to worry about if u get a warning or if the temperature gets to hot take it in. If its really that noticeable you may go ahead and schedule an appointment

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    It is not that noticable until after like 15 min. It is still warm compared to the bottom left corner of the phone. I think it is because of the processor being in that spot. Does yours get hot if you play a 3d game?

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    yeah mainly or if i do alot of youtube

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