iPhone OS 4.1 BETA

Register your iPhone or iPod touch with Apple

● Accurate Signal Bars - As promised by Apple, signal bars are now clearer, larger and more accurate!

● Game Center - Re-Introduced with New Features!

● Improved Performance - OS 4.1 feels snappy and more responsive!

● Bug fixes - Fixed various bugs within OS 4.0


● More to come - We are still testing out the new iOS 4.1!*

I currently have an iPhone 4 and since I have had it, I had nothing but problems with the sensor it would mute and hang up my calls and service wise it would be terrible. I wasn't really sure what to do if I should upgrade to 4.1 so I have contacted apple and I was like hell with it since I am a developer why not take advantage of the opportunities. Since upgrading to 4.1 my phone is amazing and great beta 1 was buggy but overtime it has become awesome I wouldn't even consider it a beta it runs smooth and battery life is great I'm getting about 8hrs of usage compared to 6-7 hrs if any of you guys are interested in running the beta and giving it a shot feel free to pm me or email me @ [email protected] and id be more than happy to set you up