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Thread: How will 1.1.1 software affect value of iphone

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    Default How will 1.1.1 software affect value of iphone
    Hi all, anyone have any guess as to the potential value increase of iphones running 1.02 software that are unlocked? Especially if the software cannot be rolled back from 1.1.1 to 1.02 . Sorry to be the materialistic one here but when things become rare the value usually increases. Maybe apple has done us a favour lol. The 3rd party apps are better than what apple has given in the update anyway.

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    I wouldn't sell mine regardless. I love the mods.

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    I dont see why it wouldnt be possible to roll the firmware back using the shift+restore button, as stated in this thread. You would probably need to go back to 1.0.0, then upgrade to 1.0.2.

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    Well my phone is stuck in limbo.

    It wont go up to 1.1.1 and it wont go back down to 1.0.2.... Its just stuck in restore mode but wont restore the firmware.

    I know it says about the whole upgrading when unlocked can kill it, but it wasnt unlocked just jailbraked.

    Any ideas?
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    It would be that difficult to block all the downgrade. Inside the phone, it boot new loader software will check for version downgrade, and if the downloaded version is not in one of its list. It can refuse the download to continue. I think unless we can full its boot loader to think that the downloading firmware is indeed and this firmware will reverse the new boot loader to the old one.

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