this is what happen

I wanted to get something from cydia so i go in but found out there are about 4 - 5 updates available so I update all at once then after that it say reload springboard so I press it cos i wanted to end it asap. But who knows after that it keep hanging there and the center spring keep spinning and spinning. At first I thought I got many apps/games inside my iphone(about 193) so it's quite normal that it will take some time but I waited patiently for almost 1/2 hour the thing still spinning. Then I think this time finish liao WTF again the same thing

So I did a hard reset by pressing power+home button thought it will works but who it stuck at the stupid apple logo again then my face is completely black liao

I got no choice but enter recovery mode and use irecovery then I plug in and let it charge and go shower who knows when I come out first thing I go check my iphone to my surprise it works it boot liao I was thinking wah damm lucky sia i thought this time finish liao thanks god

From now on, I don't dare to enter cydia anymore