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Thread: Lock screen turns on by itself, even with restore can't fix!

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    Default UPDATED (still not fixed) Lock screen turns on by itself, even with restore can't fix!
    Ok, so I've had my iP4 since release. I have been running 4.0.1 since a week after release. I JBed it day Comex blessed us all. So yesterday, after installing some Cydia apps, I noticed that when my phone was locked and playing music the screen would turn on when songs changed... UPDATE I have isolated what causes the issue, but no idea how to fix it. If are on the lock screen and lock the phone while the iPod options are showing when the song changes the screen will turn on by itself. It happens regardless of song or any other visible factor. If you are on the lock screen and have the iPod options open, close it the options, then hit the lock button nothing happens. I have tried many variations and the only way I have found for this to happen is if you lock the phone when the lock screen iPod options are showing. This may seem minor at first, but a while it starts to drive you mad. I have tried everything I could think of, installing all cydia apps, restoring the phone by both DFU and normal mode, and setting it up both as new, an old backup, and a new backup. Any help greatly appreciated!
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    While I was not able to reproduce this as you told, I can also say that the problem exists. My iPhone 4 also turns on the Lock Screen when nothing has happened (received a notification, etc). However this happens quite rarely and I am pretty sure that it happened to me before the jailbreak. It could be an OS bug.

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    Well it's nice to know some people are having somewhat similar issues. What I find odd was that it just started happening with no change in OS. I agree that it prob is the OS seeing as that's tue constant.

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