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Thread: iPhone 4 battery life -- tell me yours..

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    Post iPhone 4 battery life -- tell me yours..

    When I go to sleep, my iPhone 4 will be on 100% battery life. 8 to 9hrs later when i wake up, it's on about 80%.

    No multitasking apps running (Multitasking bar is empty). Bluetooth off. WiFi & 3G on.

    My iPhone 4 is jailbroken, only have SBSettings and BiteSMS installed. No Winterboard or themes.

    My old 3GS in the same scenario, i would wake up and it'd be on like 95% battery.

    I'm wondering if this is a general iPhone 4 battery usage, or may be an issue with my iPhone 4? The next step i am going to try and restore back to factory settings and see if the battery life changes at all.

    Soo.. iPhone 4 users, what's your experience like with the iP4 battery?


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    My iPhone 4 battery I've noticed a decrease in battery life since the jailbreak but probably cuz I'm on it more and doing more things lol.

    Battery life is decent I guess. I'm sure we will see improvements on apps.

    A lot of people think it's mobile substrate.

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    I was getting very poor battery life after jailbreaking until I downloaded a fresh copy of the firmware and set up as a brand new phone before re jailbreaking once again. Seems to have improved things greatly, lost 2% battery overnight whilst on standby, previously was 10% or more.

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