Having major issues with this

when I click on the Wi-Fi sync app on the iPhone i get the following
"Wi-Fi Sync Error
A fatal error has occurred. Please press the home button to exit." although thats when the wifi icon isnt displayed at the top of the iphone, (even tho its on)

I've just tried the app again on my iphone and didn't get the error message (as the wifi icon is now at the top) but now it just says "searching for computer... make sure you've installed Wi-Fi sync on your computer - download from getwifisync.com and a loading circle thing that keeps rotating.....

- I've got the windows wifi sync installed, and have made an exception for the wifi sync program in windows firewall.
- tried restarting/re-installing everything numerous times
- also tried the "reset paired devices..." on the windows taskbar

any ideas???