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Thread: iPhone 4 Battery DRAIN!! After Jailbreak.

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    Ok, i reverted back to Mobilsubstrate Version 3226... and i have noticed SLIGHT battery increase which is good, Also i never had SIGNAL installed so i do not have enablettydebug on my iPhone... Also to everyone with SBSettings installed ... i had it installed as well and after uninstalling it battery life increased also. To all who do not know this ... Just uninstalled SBSETTINGS alone will not uninstall it!! you have to uninstall everything that is installed along with SBSettings to completely get rid of it ... libhide, activator, PreferenceLoader .. and i think another one ... I hope they come out with a fix for this soon!! i am no liking this battery drainage!!

    My buddy is with Rogers and has a Rogers iPhone 4 and we both have the same things installed BUT i need the unlock so only extra things i have are Mobilesubtrate and Ultrasn0w ... his battery lasts all day of constant use!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nightfly View Post
    I've been dealing with drain since My findings:

    reverting mobile-substrate to .3226 or .3225 definitely impacts battery drain and helps a great deal, but then you have to deal with the Maps app issue...

    My wife and I have the same phone, 3gs, @ 4.01. Hers in not JB'ed. I reverted my JBed phone to mobile-substrate .3226, disabled ssh, 3G Unrestrictor, debugtty but left on BT, WiFi, Location, & push for Gmail. Charged both phones to 100% and left them for three hours. After 3 hours, both showed 100%. @ 5 hrs my phone dropped to 99%, @6, 97%. My wife's phone stayed @ 100% the entire time - no phone calls, no usage, just standby, the phone laying next to each other.

    So if you need mobile-substrate, .3226 is the version you should use as that gets you much better battery life. I've uninstalled mobile-substrate and all extensions and am using the BT tethering for now until these things get worked out.

    Even without mobile-substrate installed, battery life is close but not on par with no JB. For some reason, it holds it's own for awhile, but if you start using the phone in this state, battery starts dropping @ %1 an hour roughly.

    Using .3225 vs .3226 I could not discern any drain improvements, so stick with .3226. sbsettings seems buggy with .3226 so keep that in mind as well.

    In regards to having sbsettingsd still loaded, uninstall all sbsettings packages and then do a hard-reset and it'll go away. This will also take care of multiple instances of mDNSresponder.
    I am going to try 3209

    Can you give me the syntax for downgrading

    using wget and dpkg I suppose


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    dpkg mobilesubstrate_0.9.3209-1_iphoneos-arm.deb

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    just install the deb package using ifile, Cydia Autoinstall or dpkg through ssh. It will overwrite your current one

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    Update from me. I downgraded to 3226, and I had a doubt about five dock and uninstalled it.
    Now I'm running

    My time is
    1 hour 48 minutes
    11 hours 27 minutes
    my battery is 78%
    and I can say that is pretty good.
    There was light to medium usage, like playing music on speaker, games, surfing and etc.
    And is this good battery life or i can get more?

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    i just uninstalled Signal last night and my battery only dropped 5% while on standby over night, compared to 20% the night before. so i think Signal definitely has a big impact on battery life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by a.s.p View Post
    dpkg mobilesubstrate_0.9.3209-1_iphoneos-arm.deb
    For anyone unaware wget needs to be installed via Cydia for this to work. And the dpkg command should actually look like this-

    dpkg -i mobilesubstrate_0.9.3209-1_iphoneos-arm.deb

    just an FYI for anyone that tries those and it does not work.

    Im also experiencing a drain of about 1% to 3-5 min of use with about 1% per 2 hours of standby before downgrading to MS .3209, will report later with some updated usage after i do a full charge.

    I also had signal installed, it is now uninstalled with debugtty disabled with sbsettings. Before signal was uninstalled and debugtty was enabled I was burning roughly 3-5% per hour of standby.

    I did a test last night with the phone in airplane mode and before uninstalling or disabling anything and it burned 1% in about 15-20 min. I then knew there was a serious problem.

    So far it looks like signal/debugtty is a huge contributor to battery drain, and quite possibly MobileSubstrate. Although I only 5 minutes ago downgraded and have yet to do any testing.

    However after having seriously decreased battery life yesterday (3-5% per hour while in standby with signal installed and debugtty enabled) I had to charge it halfway through the day only to get it up to 70% and by 2:30AM it completely died and shutdown.

    Today, after uninstalling signal and disabling debugtty through sbsettings I can say that my battery life has significantly increased with roughly 10.5-11.5 hours of being off the charge with an unknown amount of usage (respringed and rebooted a couple times) I can happily say that my battery is only down to 68% even with standard use and some 3G music streaming using Grooveshark.

    EDIT, Again:
    After downgrading MobileSubstrate to .3209 and respringing (no reboot) I still dropped 1% in 5 min with the phone sitting on the home screen. Nothing to report about standby time as I have not had the screen off since I downgraded. My battery went from 71% down to 66% since I started reading page 17 and downgrading MS.
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    Battery drain while in use is still high, however I've got no real numbers as to exactly how bad it is compared to a stock iphone since I've only recently enabled battery percentage to be displayed.

    Standby time, however, is definitely showing better numbers since downgrading MS. I'm nearly back to stock at this point, now I've just got to sit tight until a fix comes out for the drainage when in use.

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    My standby drain is close to normal which was 1% per 2.3-3 hours standby pre-JB. I do not remember my usage statistics pre-JB but i feel that 1% per 5 min is definately not good. WTF is going on? I was also incorrect with my statement saying that I am getting 2 hours of usage per 1% of standby, I do not know what the real number is but I am on my way to a 100% charge and will post back with real numbers later.
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    1%/5 minutes? That's not too bad. That's a little over 8 hours.
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    seems like without Signal my battery life seems back to normal. Gonna continue to test

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    I'm going home, these are my "real world" results for the day

    usage 1h 10m
    stby 3h 2m

    usage 1h 56min
    stby 11h 9min


    This is tracked from when I downgraded MS to 3226.

    11% drain over 8 hours of standby and 46 minutes of usage. This is far more acceptable, although the usage drain seems high, however I'm not going to start to complain. I'll deal with this for the time being.

    Hope these numbers help others out there.



    i4 4.0.1
    Mobilesubsrate 3226

    5 Icon Dock


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    I noticed that when I installed 5 icon dock (the 1st thing I installed from cydia) it installed MS with it. I never d/l signal even tho it's a sweet app, I wouldn't use it much.

    I haven't installed anything else that would really need MS to run.....

    I hope we get this figured out soon. BUT a good thing is my phone last longer than the 4 hours my 3G use to last

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    Still not a peep out of the Dev Team? I wonder what they are up too???

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    Went on
    Saurik aka Google does not seem to be taking this problem very seriously
    Since he is the author of MS may not be a solution anytime soon

    if other people dropped in
    to (#iphone) chat and complained
    we might get solution faster
    MS upgraded to 3228 from 3225 which had a maps bug in a few hours when enough people complained
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    let's see how this goes...i drained all my battery today and recharged up to 100%, at 10:15 pm i started the standby test with wifi off, 3g off, data off, bluetooth off, push off, deleted email account

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    yeah, I'm pretty sure it's not MS. I've only got these installed:
    Open SSH

    Yet I still drop 1% every few mins while I'm using the phone.
    I think it's something to do with the JB itself or the packages that come pre installed with Cydia.

    What do you guys think?

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    Chiming in to let you all know Im experiencing the same battery drain after JB'ing an iphone 4 on 4.01.

    Have installed SBSettings, BiteSMS, and LockInfo from Cydia and that's it... No Ultrasn0w since I have an unlocked device and dont need it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by piston597 View Post
    iPhone 4
    Usage : 25mins (heavy facebooking and mail)
    Standby : 2:41 hrs
    Remaining : 99%(just dropped to 99 like 5 seconds ago.)

    Push is on
    3g is on
    Wifi is on
    Sbsettings is on
    SSH is off
    No Unlock
    Brightness is at 60%ish

    Hope this contributes to something.
    Yo update since my last post, the charge is still the one from above. I have not recharged it yet.

    Usage time - 5 hours 17 minutes
    Standby Time- 1day and 8 hours
    Charge left- 35%

    I have the same settings as above, I made about 7 calls, did some heavy facebooking, alot of web browsing, like 20 texts, and 9 emails. All in all I am not experiencing this issue, I have an iPhone 4, with everything latest installed, I really think it is the unlock that is causing this.

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    I think most people DO have mobilesubstrate and don't know it. Isn't it installed by default with most extensions?
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