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    Default Home Button
    Hey im sure this is a common problem but im not sure how to go about this i dropped my iphone face first into the tile and the home button stopped working is something loose? or unconnected? how can i fix this?

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    hardware might be affected when u drop it.. will the home button respond if you press it hard? try rebooting your phone..

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    ive had several home buttons stop working on me before... if you open the phone directly under the home button are 2 tiny little contacts, if you pry the two of them up slightly it normally fixes any home button issues.. i even folded up a tiny piece of paper and put it underneath them so they wouldnt get pushed back down

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    any pics u can give as ane example? :/ and it stopped charging also think something got disconnected to the motherboard

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    First what model is it 2g,3G,3GS, of a 4? I would try these steps first restore the phone before opening it. If the restore doesn't work you have a hardware problem. Open it up look at the prongs like mike said if there flat carefully pry them up a little reconnect the screen and restore again and see if they work. Restore after any hardware work because that resets the logic board invade ita not reading right. If that doesn't fix it you will probably have to replace the whole home button assembly which is a pain. Ita cheap like 5 bucks if you don't break anything else in the process of the disassembly of the phone.

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