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Thread: can't restore iphone 2G to 3.1.2 [help!]

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    Exclamation can't restore iphone 2G to 3.1.2 [help!]
    hi guys
    I want to sell my iphone so i want to restore to 3.1.2
    first when i connect to computer,,computer doesn't beep (win 7 64x) and iphone charges tried deff ports,usb cables still nothing iphone charges computer doesn't beep

    tried restore mode computer beeps finally opend up itunes tried to shift-restore starts restore and it's stuck with "prepairing iphone to resore" computer beeps the disconnected sound and iphone shows apple with spinning wheel then a status bar then stays like this for about 10 mins then itunes showed error 2004 (something like this),,,tried again same idea but error 1600,tried again error 1611. finally i decided to stop that and i made it ra1n (ran blackra1n) now works but needs restore.
    I tried restoring on another computer (win xp 32x)
    PS: both computers had wi-fi sync installed but i uninstalled them before restore even tried reinstall itunes still nothing

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    C'mon Guys,,,nobody knows???
    is it that hard plz help

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    Enter DFU mode open iTunes and shift-restore to 3.1.3 downloaded from Since You're selling it SET UP AS A NEW DEVICE.

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    Thx and also tried dfu
    same error,,
    and ya,,I installed mac osx snow leopard hackintosh OSx86 if that helps
    plz help

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    Did you reboot the computer after uninstalling wifi sync? Is there any other software that could be messing with the restore? And are you using 3.1.3 and not 3.1.2?

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    thx for reply ,,
    i tried rebooting the machine even tried on a fresh mac osx installation still gives same error 16xx
    plz help

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    Did you check the errors on I wonder what they say...

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    1604 : says usb error
    1600 : hardware error
    1611 : same idea hardware error
    but i can confirm that it doesn't have any hardware error,,cuz it's running fine now (springboard loads,it boots,charges,makes calls,etc.. just lke any other one but i want to sell it so i need to restore.
    I have an idea... how about the erase all content and settings from iphone itself,,
    one timee i tried it ,, it left my phone without any OS,,so i had to restore in DFU,so I'm afraid of having no OS again and having to restore and BOOM if restore shows errors again,,phone is bricked!!
    What do u think?????

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    The hardware error could just be the iPhone's bottom connector.
    Anyway, have you tried restoring in another computer?
    Can you still sync with iTunes?

    If all else fails you could just "Erase all content and settings", Im' too afraid to try it at the moment because I need my iPod today.

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    nope,, I told the phone is good about hardware,it still charges well and also is detected in recovery or dfu modes,
    I tried different computer,cable,port still the same idea here

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