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Thread: Need Help Transfering Contacts from Windows Mobile to iPhone

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    Default Need Help Transfering Contacts from Windows Mobile to iPhone
    Hello everyone,

    I have a T-Mobile Dash 3G running Windows Mobile 6.5. With the new JB out yesterday, I am using my new iPhone 3GS now and need to transfer my contacts over from my Dash 3G to my iPhone 3GS running iOS4.0.1. I have Outlook on my computer, but never synchronized my contact list on my phone with the contact list on my computer and I would rather not get the two lists mixed together--the list on my phone is nothing but phone numbers and the list on my computer is nothing but email addresses.

    So, what I am wondering there a way to copy the contacts from my phone over to my computer? I tried deleting the contents of my computer's contacts folder (after backing it up) and then I tried to active sync my phone's contacts over to the computer, but the only thing I managed to do was to get the list from my computer mixed in among the list on my phone. How nice. At this point all I want is the numbers over into my iPhone.

    Thanks for any help,

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    I used Google Sync to get my contacts from my Blackberry to Iphone 3g. Quick and painless.

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    Why keep two separate contact lists? Don't you use your Dash or iphone for both calls and email?

    Import your dash contacts into Outlook. Combine & clean your Outlooks contacts so you have both the email & phone numbers tied to one person/contact then use itunes to point to Outlook & sync your iphone. Your going to want the contact email addreses on your iphone for it's email capabilities.

    If you REALLY need to keep the lists separate, then either copy your Dash contacts to your SIM card, then put the SIM in iphone and copy from SIM to iphone. Or in Outlook create a new Contact folder (right-click "Personal Folder" then click "New Folder". Name it something you'll be able to recognize like IPHONE CONTACTS, then go into itunes and while iphone is plugged in, go to Contacts tab and use the Outlook Contacts drop down box to select that new outlook folder.

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