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Thread: First post, and what I know about my apples.

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    Default First post, and what I know about my apples.
    Its my first post on this forum so go easy on me. Im a man that likes new toys, and also a child that is super impatient when wanting one.

    I just sold both of my 3G iPhones because my wife and I upgraded to the 4. We were out of contract and didnt even really considering anything but the 4. Every other phone is still playing catch up and are always a step or two behind (at least when it comes to items I care about). Many of the reasons I JBroke my other phones the 4 does well right out of the box (I love these folders). Of course the display is incredible, the speed is much quicker, multitasking is a gift from above and over all I am very happy with it. I will say my old phone took some serious abuse and never had a problem, I am not as confident with this one.

    But now I am really starting to miss my jailbreak. It would be so nice to have the 3g unrestrictor so my wife, friends and myself could facetime. And being in the middle of a hot summer a nice winterboard would chill me just fine. And I must be missing an icon, my last dock had 5 and now Im stuck with 4?

    Considering my ipad should be here within a few days tethering would be great, my data is unlimited and im not changing that to be cash cow for ATT.

    Anyways, I just wanted to introduce myself and throw out some feedback.
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    Well let me be the first to welcome you here im with you on the folders/multitasking there very nice the jailbreak should be out anytime just please wait for the dev team to finish it and not another person that crys about how long it takes the 5 icon dock was actually part of your jailbreak if you didnt know that, i also agree with the unlimited data it rules :P Enjoy your stay here

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    Welcome to Modmyi!! Don't worry it shouldn't be to long before you can jailbreak your shiny new 4 .

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    You probably had five icon dock installed to have the 5 icons in your dock. So, thats why your iP4 has 4 (standard on all stock phones). Until theres a JB for iP4, youll have 4

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