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Thread: iPhone 4 successfully working with AT&T prepaid data plan

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    Default iPhone 4 successfully working with AT&T prepaid data plan
    I was wondering for so long if it would work and never got a clear response. There were claims that AT&T would find you and terminate your service if they detect the iPhone. I tried it myself, changed the APN settings, and got it to work, including data. It's been 5 days and still working perfect..I have tmobile so I'm waiting for an unlock, but i just decided to try this out first

    You don't need to purchase a gophone like everyone says! All you need is your debit card and a computer and you can do it in seconds (if your sim is unactivated)

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    Is this still working? Please reply!

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    Yes it is..just turn off the cellular data when not in use, AT&T can detect ur iPhone if ur on the data too much, they haven't found mine yet but other people say they have

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    Waleed how and which data did u get? i too had an unactivated sim when i bought my ip4 non commitment.
    i went on my mac and went to att website and activated my sim as a pay as you go $60 simple plan. lots of people did not believe me that i had my original microsim (no a cut up prepaid) on pay as you go
    on AT&T's website; it took me 2 attempts for it to accept my sim ..i guess it freaked when it saw my imei..
    but eventually it worked...others tried.unsucessful...i think it was cuz mine was never activated period.
    i opened up my package and registered my sim...anyway i should have but i did not cuz i thought u could not get the prepaid data.... so which one did you get?? is it work OK? where do i get it?

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    Yea it only works on sims that have never been activated. I just got the 100mb plan cuz i only wanted to test it but the $60 plan is a great deal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waleed786 View Post
    Yea it only works on sims that have never been activated. I just got the 100mb plan cuz i only wanted to test it but the $60 plan is a great deal.
    Does this still work?

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    So, i just bought an Iphone 4... I'm on the 'GoPhone pay as you go $50.00 unlimited talk & text.'
    I was told by an AT&T rep that i would be able to get my plan on this new phone. I went to a different store & i was told that 'their system wouldn't allow them to do that.' I then called their customer services and told them i wanted to transfer my plan to a new sim card. i provided the imei # but they told me that that is as far as the computer would let them go. Now, I'm wondering if these attempts didn't work because my old plan has been activated for years now, but- are there any suggestions?

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    ATT need ur business too, don't abuse the network that will give them alarm then dont wont shut you down. They don't care you have iphone on prepaid plan or not, however it the red is blink they will automatic add data plan to the phone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by monkeydance View Post
    .... however it the red is blink they will automatic add data plan to the phone.
    what does this mean, about the blinking red?

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    if you don't use a lot data like tether, I don't think they will care that much ATT need your bussiness too. So in short, just used moderated I think you will be OK.

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    Hey guys,

    I have a prepaid phone line from AT&T (not sure if its a GoPhone plan or Pay As You Go) and I got a new unlocked iPhone 4S. Can I add a data plan on my account cause AT&T said it won't work on iPhones and BlackBerry's.. and I want it to work!!! So if there's a way, what do I have to do?

    Note: I haven't used my line for a month now because I was on vacation (and it needs to be refilled) so please answer me ASAP.

    Thanks in advance,

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    I've been using AT&T Go for the last month on a jailbroken iPhone 4 with no problems. Today I refilled and added their $5 data plan. Then I went to website to add data apn to the phone. Works fine.

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    ^ Can you explain a little bit more please?! and do I need to have a jailbroken iPhone if I want to use data on my GoPhone AT&T service?

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    You do not need a jailbroken iPhone. Type in Safari "" to take you to APN changer, touch "continue," then "Custom APN", select country and carrier, then "create profile". Then install it.

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    so what do I do first?

    Refill my account with the unlimited $50 plan or any plan will do, just add data separately? (my phone is inactive atm)

    then proceed with the last step you mentioned above?

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    Looks like you will need to refill your account first. Then you will need to use WIFI for your data on the phone to get Safari to work. Then the steps I mentioned. Then your data will work. Be careful about data usage.

    Also, I forgot to mention that I am using the $25 plan.

    I'd be interested in how the $50 plan works for you.
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    ok man you'll be my hero if this worked out!

    By the way, I always use the same $25 plan you're using and sometimes I go for the $2/day plan and I refill with the amount of $15 or $25. so after I do that, I proceed with your step then buy a data plan?

    Get Started - from AT&T

    enter your zip code

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    You can add a data plan when you refill.

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    ok cool, I'll refill now but what data plan can I go for and why did you say "Be careful about data usage." ?

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    Whatever data plan you want. I did the $5, so very little data. I'm watching to see how fast that is used up. If you go over in usage, you will be charged at a very expensive rate.

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