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Thread: Reverse tethering?

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    Default Reverse tethering?
    I know this will sound a little absurd, but here's the deal.

    My phone has had trouble connecting to WiFi for whatever reason and the last time I went to the Apple Store they wouldn't replace it because the stupid thing worked while in the store.

    So the question is, can I tether WiFi from my laptop to my iPhone?



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    Well the short answer to your question is: Not enough information...

    As for the long answer...

    Now the question is how are you wanting to "tether" the Iphone.
    Basically this format I'm guessing:
    Wifi/Ethernet Internet -> Laptop -> Iphone

    Instead of what most people want:
    3g Internet -> Iphone -> Laptop

    The next question is how are you linking the Iphone to the laptop.
    Bluetooth or Wired. Wired network sharing, I don't believe is able to be done. But a Bluetooth ad hoc network could be done. How easy depending on OS.

    A mac laptop would be:
    Apple Icon -> System Preferences -> Sharing -> Internet Sharing

    On a windows machine, I'll let you read this:
    Using ICS (Internet Connection Sharing)

    As for Linux, varies according to what type of firewall your using. And you'll look into the distro your using. Just too many do it too many different ways, and writing how to do it with IP tables... well I always look up how to do it that way.

    Hopefully this answers your question.. if not, Need more info

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    The alignment you listed is what I'm looking for.


    Windows laptop running Vista. Usually I run it wired, but I can try and setup bluetooth. The main thing is every time I try to run Vista's bluetooth, it doesn't pick up the phone.

    I'll look over that ICS stuff and see if I can figure it out.

    ETA: Ok, I looked at the ICS stuff and my computer's settings are set up for an ICS network. Just not real clear on how to set up an ad hoc bluetooth network with Vista. I also think I might need a bluetooth adapter for this laptop. I though it was built in, but maybe not.
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    The Iphone does support ad hoc bluetooth networks.
    Some software calls it ad hoc, some call it PAN (personal area network), and who knows what else it could be called.

    Good luck

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    I read that the iPhone only connects to handsfree devices. Is there a particular JB app I need to download to make it connect to a computer for an ad hoc network?

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    On my mac I was able to pair it with the Iphone, and a Bluetooh Pan connection was there.

    Now I am running an unjailbroken Ios 4 3gs (<sighs> nasty stupid new boot rom)

    So if your running 3.1.3 or lower, I can't say the option will be there. Since with 4.0 Apple added in a few more bluetooth options. Such as a bluetooth keyboard ability (which is nice if you have alot of typing to do)

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    Well I have an Apple laptop for a work computer. I fired up it's bluetooth and both the phone and computer were able to find each other. The phone would not connect to the computer and I didn't see any options for setting up a network.

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    Unfortunately then, no clue...
    You'll have to find someone who knows the apps better then I do.

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    You set up an adhoc network with your network setup wizard. There is an option while setting it up to select adhoc.

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