Hello all,

After nearly successfully (pitfalls below) reviving my perpetually recovery-mode bound phone, these are the leftover bugs. My phone would only restore to 4.0 fw and not any standard/custom version of 3 fw, though my phone was originally 3.0. Anyways, these are the glitches I've noticed:

- After connecting to a call (incoming or outgoing), screen goes blank and is unresponsive until call is over. Usually I have to wait for the other person to hang up, and then after a few seconds hitting the top button followed by the home button will display the "slide to unlock" screen. This is a big problem for dealing with voicemail, call waiting, automated menus, or any need to look thru the contents of my iphone in-call.

- Screen stays on unless you hit the lock button (I tried playing around with my settings/Supreme prefs but no luck). And when the display is "off" there is a dark light eminating from the phone, very noticiable in the dark. THIS IS KILLING MY BATTERY!

- In iPod, sometimes when skipping forward for the next song it makes a metalic buzzy noise. Sometimes when opening iPod it freezes a sec and goes back to the home screen.

- For rearranging apps... When you hold your finger on an app they all twitch like normal but none of them can be moved.

If anyone knows the fix for any/all of these issues, I'd be very grateful. Thanks for reading!