hi! i still have an ole skool jailbroken iPhone 2G and it's worked wonders up until now i noticed it was gradually slowing down and finally slowed to a crawl & tried the following:
  1. restoring from last backup - absolutely didn't work
  2. restoring and rebuilding from scratch - helped a bit but not really
  3. eliminating all music (so 1 GB was used of 8GB) - this helped quite a bit but it got slow again
  4. turning off the MobileMe calendar - this is what did the trick!

I turned it back on and sure enough, slow as molasses. i just tried changing "push" to "fetch" for contacts and calendar and this seems to be the culprit. it pretty much freezes when i go to the calendar and tries to "fetch" changes

any ideas on what's actually going on under the hood?

i just wanna make sure it has nothing to do with my jailbreak or if there's a chance something under the hood can be tweaked, this would be cool.

on a possible tangent: i wouldn't mind moving over to Google Calendar - i still haven't found a good way to sync iCal with multiple calendars (including subscribed ones) - if anyone has found the holy grail - would love to hear from ya too!